About Us

In 1986, an inspired group of local citizens unveiled a plan for the Spokane River IMG_4196Centennial Trail:  Don Kardong, Denny Ashlock, Sam Angove, Dean Moorehouse, Norma Ventris, Phyllis Campbell and Joe Custer.  This group was joined by Tom Garrett, Tom Harman and Bob Dellwo in 1987 and formed the Centennial Trail Steering Committee.  They worked directly with Congressman Tom Foley and other financial supporters to raise funds for Spokane River Centennial Trail construction.  The steering committee incorporated and received its 501 (c)(3) status in 1991, officially becoming Friends of the Centennial Trail.

The Centennial Trail is administered by the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission.  It is maintained and completed through the provisions of a Coordinating Council Cooperative Agreement among the commission represented by Riverside State Park management, the City of Spokane Park and Recreation Department, City of Spokane Valley Parks and Recreation, Spokane County Parks, Recreation and Golf, and the Friends of the Centennial Trail.

The Friends of the Centennial Trail assists and encourages the development and maintenance of the Spokane River Centennial Trail, adjacent parklands and connecting trails.