Maintenance Plan

A six-year Centennial Trail Maintenance Plan was finalized in January, 2016, and identified six major maintenance projects completed in 2016-2017.  The Trail is now ready for a new 1.5″ asphalt overlay; we just need funding!

Repair Project 1:  Milepost .86 to 1.17 – Crack seal concrete panels.
Repair Project 2:  Milepost 3.6 to 5.6 – Repair corrugations and bulges.
Repair Project 3:  Milepost 6.8 to 9.8 – Repair tree root damage, eliminate debris/rock washouts onto trail, etc.
Repair Project 4:  Milepost 10.6 to 12.7 – Repair bulges, humps and tree root damage on the trail.  Joint fill on Denny Ashlock Bridge.  Eliminate rocks washing onto trail.
Repair Project 5:  Milepost 16.8 to 20.1 – Repair corrugations, waves and humps on separated trail portions.
Repair Project 6:  Milepost 29.1 to 31.9 – Repair large surface gaps in the trail from previous failed crack repair project.

Collaboration and cooperation made this much-needed maintenance project a reality. Our thanks to the Centennial Trail Coordinating Council for establishing the Centennial Trail Maintenance Fund and to Washington Parks and Recreation Commission.