Trail Builder’s Fund

The Trail Builder’s Fund leverages essential community-based fundingState line realignment and provides matching funds for Spokane Centennial Trail gap completion, maintenance and wayfinding projects.  Funds are distributed for projects as determined and approved by FCT’s Board of Directors.

The Trail Builder’s Fund has invested $183,300 in Centennial Trail improvements:
$54,783.15 gift to the City of Spokane for Don Kardong Bridge renovation 30% conceptual design.
$1,967.46 for design of 150 new Centennial Trail State Park signs.
$14,200, including a $5,000 grant from Spokefest, for trailhead and speed limit signs.
$1,800 for updated Centennial Trail printed maps.

$18,500 gift to the City of Spokane for Mission gap Phase 1 surface improvements. Construction in fall, 2018.
$5,000 gift for updated Centennial Trail printed maps and 21 Trail kiosk maps.
$5,000 pledge to City of Spokane for South Gorge Trail construction.
$20,000 gift to Washington Parks & Recreation Commission for Nine Mile Falls Centennial Trail Northwest Extension.  Construction in 2016.
$10,000 pledge for the Centennial Trail gap realignment at Carlson Road in Nine Mile Falls.  Construction in 2020.
$9,200 gift to City of Spokane Parks and Recreation for thermoplastic asphalt decals for the Centennial Trail between Mission Park and TJ Meenach Bridge.

$1,300 gift for Centennial Trail logo mile marker signs.
$1,600 gift for a Wayfinding Internship Study with Eastern Washington University.
$450 gift to Spokane County for three Bike Route, three directional and two Stop signs at state line Gateway Park.
$5,000 gift for updated Centennial Trail maps, Google map, 19 Trail kiosk maps & upgraded FCT website.
$12,500 gift to Riverside State Park for an asphalt repair machine.
$7,000 gift for Barker area washout repairs.
$17,500 gift to Spokane County for the State Line Gateway Park Trail realignment.
$1,500 gift to Washington Park and Recreation Commission for parking lot construction for Islands Trailhead, at Maringo Drive.
$1,000 gift for bump repairs at Barker Road area.

Trail Sustainability Projects
Asphalt Upgrades, Repairs & Seal Coating
The Centennial Trail is showing signs of age.  Friends of the Centennial Trail collaborate with Coordinating Council partners (Washington State Parks & Recreation Commission; Spokane County Parks and Recreation; City of Spokane Valley, City of Liberty Lake and City of Spokane Parks and Recreation) to put long-term funding streams in place to assure Trail sustainability.
Signs and Wayfinding
Friends of the  Centennial Trail believe that directional signs or asphalt markers should be posted wherever there is a change in direction.  Several hundred signs need updating on the Centennial Trail.
Trail Mapping
Our website links to the Spokane Regional Transportation Council digital regional bike map, allowing users to navigate the Centennial Trail by smartphone. We update the Centennial Trail printed maps and posters at 21 Trail kiosks every three years, thanks to the support of our map sponsors.

Many eastern Washington residents and visitors make financial contributions to support your Centennial Trail.  Please make your charitable contribution today!
Two ways to give:
1.  Mail in your donation (payable to FCT Trail Builder’s Fund):  Friends of the Centennial Trail, P.O. Box 351, Spokane, WA 99210
2.  Make your secure online donation here.