Trail Projects

Significant gaps exist in our Centennial Trail which inhibit the cohesiveness of Trail travel for its 2.4 million users each year.  Our goal is gap completion — and we have lobbied to get these projects into City and State budgets.  

The Trail Builder’s Fund was created to leverage community donations for projects related to the completion and enhancement of our Spokane Centennial Trail.   Your tax-deductible donations help complete the following projects (listed from east to west):
Centennial Trail gaps will be completed when funding is secured project-by-project.  Help close our Trail gaps with your secure gift today!

Mile 0 – Stateline Gateway Park
At the Trail’s Washington/Idaho border, Spokane County realigned the Centennial Trail; moving the Trail under a new bridge on East Appleway Lane and closer State line realignmentto the river. Project Update:  Gap completed!  Friends of the Centennial Trail donated $17,500 to Spokane County for Trail realignment and $450 for directional signs from our Trail Builders Fund.  

Mile 9 – Sullivan Road West Bridge Replacement
Project Update: The Centennial Trail reopened for use on February 8, 2016!  Our thanks to the City of Spokane Valley.  To sign up for emailed Sullivan Road Bridge updates, go to

Mile 13.5-15 – Argonne/Maringo Gap
Following the Trail east from Boulder Beach, the Trail moves onto the shoulder of Upriver Drive for approximately five blocks. Here, the Trail would be re-routed to head north along Maringo Drive for approximately 3/4 mile. At the Argonne Bridge, the Trail would go underneath the new Argonne Bridge; space was provided for this routing during the bridge rebuild. The Trail would move back up to Maringo Drive, and continue east to the Maringo Trailhead. This rerouting would eliminate approximately 2 miles of the Trail route away from busy arterial streets. Project Update:  Spokane County plans include a grade separation from the Centennial Trail.  They are also working with Inland Empire Paper regarding their decision on an easement on the east side of Argonne, which would allow this project to move forward.

Mile 20.5 – Mission Avenue Gap
Crossing Mission Avenue and continuing east on Upriver Drive is a safety challenge requiring special design attention.  Mission Avenue is a major east/west four-lane arterial over the Spokane River.  From Mission Park, Centennial Trail users are faced with BNSF railroad track crossing, a challenging pedestrian crossing and a tight right turn to deteriorating sidewalks next to congested west-bound traffic to reach Upriver Drive.  
In spring, 2012, the City of Spokane studied the Mission Gap project and presented conceptual designs. The final study has been divided into three phases and endorsed by the City of Spokane Park Board :
Phase 1 – Surface Improvements, separating the Trail from the parking lot through Mission Park, separating the Trail from the roadway along Mission Avenue adjacent to the Avista campus and improving visibility and functionality of the pedestrian refuge island within the Mission Avenue crossing at Perry Street.
Phase 2 – Trail bridge over Mission Avenue
Phase 3 – Trail tunnel under the BNSF tracks in Mission Park.
Project Update:
Phase 1:  The Spokane Regional Transportation Council has funded $443,250 for  “Centennial Trail, Mission Avenue Gap – Surface Improvements,” with Friends of the Centennial Trail committing $18,500 in matching funds.  The project will be completed in 2017.
Phase 2:  Spokane City Council has approved an intracity loan of $1 million for the East Mission Bridge.  Total project cost is estimated at $2.5 million and Friends of the Centennial Trail plans to commit matching funds.
Concept images and overviews are posted here on the City of Spokane Engineering Services webpage.  Learn more:  Getting There: Bridge best choice for Centennial Trail crossing at Mission

Mile 22 – Don Kardong Bridge
With 10,000 college students between Gonzaga University and the Riverpoint campus, the Don Kardong Bridge is a major connector between the institutions and downtown Spokane.  Failing decking, faded paint and vandalized lights must be replaced and Friends of the Centennial Trail are advocating for City of Spokane Parks and Recreation to make these improvements a high priority, along with upgrades to city bridges and Riverfront Park.

Mile 22 – Spokane Convention Center Expansion
Project Completed!  From the Division Street Bridge to Washington Street Bridge, the Centennial Trail has been completely updated!  “New” Convention Center views showcase Riverfront Park, the north bank of the river and Gonzaga University like never before. Extensive work to restore and landscape the Spokane River shoreline is beautiful; the addition of over 75 trees, hundreds of native plants, artwork and signs make this area flourish.  We extend our thanks to Land Expressions, Garco Construction and the Spokane Public Facilities District for their work!

Mile 23 – Veteran’s Park Gap
To better connect the Centennial Trail from downtown Spokane with the West Central neighborhood to Riverside State Park, the Trail has been re-routed through Riverfront Park and across the the Post Street Bridge.  The Trail turns left at Bridge Street, continues through Veteran’s Park and extends west under the Monroe Street Bridge to Kendall Yards. Project Update:  Gap completed! Veteran's ParkReconstruction of the Veteran’s Park Trail, in concert with the Kendall Yards Centennial Trail project, opened September 27, 2013!  The work was done in partnership with the West Quadrant Tax Increment Finance District (WQTIF), Greenstone Corporation in conjunction with Kendall Yards and the City of Spokane.   

Mile 24 – Kendall Yards Gap
The Centennial Trail at Kendall Yards is a vital “northwest connector” route into downtown Spokane for both recreational and get-to-work commuting. The Centennial Trail provides the framework for an interconnected network of pedestrian-friendly Grand Openingstreetscapes, publicly accessible plazas and open space at Kendall Yards, connecting homes and businesses and providing connections to the adjacent neighborhoods and downtown.  Here, the Centennial Trail features numerous panoramas and incredible viewpoints. Kendall Yards revives the vision of the Olmstead Brothers with the completion of the Great Gorge Park, including the long-awaited extension of the Centennial Trail from Monroe to the Sandifur Bridge and Summit Boulevard to the northwest. Project Update:  Gap completed!  This grand addition of our Centennial Trail is simply breathtaking!  Thank you Greenstone and the City of Spokane for making this dream a reality!  Enjoy!  Read The Spokesman-Review editorial here:  Centennial Trail’s newest section offers river view not seen before.

Mile 25 – Bridge Avenue to Boone/Summit Blvd Gap
From the westernmost border of Kendall Yards at Bridge Avenue, the Centennial Trail descends approximately 50 feet to an abandoned railroad bed paralleling Summit Boulevard. From the end of the rail line, the Trail turns due north, traversingBoone to summit_completededited gently up the hillside toward the intersection of Summit Boulevard and Boone Avenue. Project Update:  Gap completed!  Mile marker 25 is in place where the Trail curves north toward Boone Avenue. The view is fantastic!  Thanks to the City of Spokane for this beautiful new section of Centennial Trail! 

Mile 26 – N. Summit Blvd. to T.J. Meenach Bridge Gap
Following N. Summit Blvd. to Pettet Drive, then turning north onto Pettet Drive (Doomsday Hill) to TJ Meenach Bridge, is the opportunity to improve this existing Centennial Trail route, creating a better, safer bike and pedestrian experience with signage, striping and traffic-calming elements.  Plans are being developed by the City of Spokane to install a 14 foot shared use path and an 8 foot gravel jogging shoulder on Pettet Drive, in conjunction with a CSO tank project.  

Mile 37 – Carlson Road Gap
Safety calls for moving pedestrians and bicycles away from a sloping, narrow roadway from the Carlson trailhead moving north to Charles Road and Nine Mile Bridge. Approximately 0.5 miles of Centennial Trail would be realigned away from the main roadway, providing safe separation from motorized traffic on a new 10’ wide section of Trail. SRTC has approved TAP Funding in its 2018-2020 budget for $442,116.  Spokane County will fund $58,845 and Friends of the Centennial Trail has pledged $10,000 in matching funds for this project. 

Miles 37.5-39 – Northwest Extension
This project will be a 1.7 mile extension to the Trail, beginning just north of Sontag Park and running through a beautiful wooded area, ending at the Nine Mile Recreation Area.

Sontag Park Trailhead

Sontag Park Trailhead

Project Update:  Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission will launch construction in late October, 2015.  Funding includes a sponsor match of $120,000 (15%) from private funding sources, including Avista and our own FCT Trail Builders Fund; we have donated $20,000 to this project.  Thank you to WWRP, Washington State Parks and Recreation, Avista and all community members who rallied support for this project!

Centennial Trail gaps will be completed when funding is secured project-by-project.  Help close our Trail gaps with your secure gift today!