Centennial Trail Medallions

Thousands of generous individuals, families and organizations purchased bronze medallions in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s to raise capital funds to build our beloved Spokane River Centennial Trail.  They Spokane River Centennial Trail Miracle Mile Medallionswere embedded in concrete along the Trail to commemorate loved ones, honor special events and celebrate accomplishments.  We honor their intent and memories they represent.

  • Spokane River Centennial Trail Medallions

    *** 2023 UPDATE***

    Citizens of Spokane and eastern Washington came forward over 30 years ago with great enthusiasm for Spokane River Centennial Trail construction by purchasing Miracle Mile Medallions. For a $100 donation, a promise was made to donors: they could own one square foot of the Centennial Trail for life. With these donations, over $300,000 was raised for trail construction and brass circles were engraved with Centennial Trail logo, special message, unique number, and donor name. In all, 3,693 medallions were placed adjacent to the downtown Spokane Centennial Trail from First Interstate Center for the Arts to the north side of Don Kardong Bridge at Gonzaga University. Over 200 medallions were placed at the Mirabeau Trailhead in Spokane Valley.

    This living “donor wall” represents the heart of our community. Honoring lives, celebrating events, and given as gifts, each medallion represents unique and important people and moments in time.

    When over 20% of the medallions were vandalized in 2019, Spokane Parks and Recreation committed to including medallion inscriptions in the newly renovated railing panels on Don Kardong Bridge. In the same spirit of community pride and collaboration, Friends of the Centennial Trail had donated nearly $55,000 in Trail Builder’s Fund monies to Spokane Parks and Recreation to fund conceptual design for much-needed bridge renovation. Including Miracle Mile Medallion inscriptions in some manner as part of the project was a perfect answer to rise above vandalism by a harmful few.

    For four years we have asked Spokane Parks and Recreation to develop and share Miracle Mile Medallion plans for Don Kardong Bridge. To date, we have not received such plans or been included in a planning process. Sadly, the issue is not prioritized, and it is time to let the public and our long term, loyal supporters know.

    What we can control is the historic overall list of donors and medallion inscriptions. See the green link above.

    • Medallions 0 to 2286 remaining on the Centennial Trail will stay until asphalt is replaced at a future date. Missing medallions will not be replaced.
    • Medallions 2287 to 3693 that were not stolen in 2019 have been removed and stored by Spokane Parks and Recreation. Please contact them directly to retrieve a medallion at 509-625-6200.
    • Mirabeau Trailhead Medallions that remain on the Centennial Trail will stay until asphalt is replaced at a future date. Those missing will not be replaced.

    Friends of the Centennial Trail is a small nonprofit that relies on donations to operate. Thanks to community support for citizen-centered advocacy, we have donated over $240,000 to fund Centennial Trail projects and matching grants. We recently funded new mile markers and signs, pledged $15,000 for John T. Shields Park renovation, updated printed Centennial Trail maps and kiosk posters, donated bike and pedestrian counters, and are working to launch a Centennial Trail App. We will donate $10,000 this year for new asphalt on 12 miles of the Centennial Trail from stateline to Donkey Islands Trailhead.

    Friends of the Centennial Trail remain dedicated to honoring donors and their families past and present who supported the inception of the Centennial Trail. We will share Miracle Mile Medallion updates if they become available. In the meantime, we ask that you enjoy, use, and support the Spokane River Centennial Trail for recreation, commuting to work, or just spending time in nature. These 40 miles are a treasure and were built to be enjoyed by all for generations. 

    *** 2019 UPDATE***

    Due to the rash of medallion thefts along the Centennial Trail, City of Spokane Parks and Recreation Department began removing and safely storing remaining medallions; approximately 1,800 between Courtyard by Marriott Hotel and the north side of Don Kardong Bridge.

    Spokane Parks and Recreation committed to including medallion inscriptions in the newly renovated railing panels on Don Kardong Bridge.  Design plans are underway and will be shared with our members, partners and friends here on this website page and in our e-news flashes.  Please sign up to receive e-news on our Press Room page so we may keep you informed; click this link to join!

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