Rules, Etiquette & Safety

Centennial Trail users are a diverse group.  From equestrian riders in Riverside State Park to lycra-wearing athletes in training to dog walkers, the beauty of the Centennial Trail is its location and multi-use opportunity.  Choose an activity that works for you!  And, please respect it - and those around you - while you enjoy it.


  • Non-motorized vehicles only (personal mobility aid devices allowed).
  • Trail hours: 6:30 a.m. to dusk, year-round.
  • No alcoholic beverages on the Trail.
  • Speed limit: 15 mph
  • Bicyclists and skaters yield to pedestrians.
  • Pets must be under control and on an eight-foot or shorter leash at all times.
  • Dog walkers must immediately remove dog deposits.
  • Horses have the right of way on soft trail.
  • Do not disturb plants or animals.
  • Pack it in… Pack it out!
  • No structures (including vendor equipment) allowed within Trail property boundaries.
  • Discover Pass required if parking at trailheads in Riverside State Park.


  • Observe Centennial Trail rules and signs.
  • All Centennial Trail users yield to equestrians.
  • Bicyclists, skateboarders yield to pedestrians and equestrians.
  • Keep right, pass on the left and yield to faster moving users.
  • PLEASE audibly say “on your left” when passing other users.
  • Signal slower moving users when approaching.
  • Bicyclists stay on designated Centennial Trail, two riders abreast maximum (single file if pedestrians are present).
  • Wheel skiers/in-line skaters do not use sharp-tipped poles.
  • Skateboarders stay on paved trail; no jumps or demonstration-type skateboarding.


  • Do not leave valuables in vehicles when parking at trailheads!
  • Be aware of your surroundings and use the buddy system
  • Bring your cell phone.
  • Do not use headphones.
  • Wear a helmet when cycling or in-line skating.
  • Use caution where Trail narrows, at high-use access points and blind corners.
  • If you experience any safety issues while you enjoy the Centennial Trail, please take action!
    • Report Emergency or Fire:  Call 911
    • Report Non-Emergency:  Call Crime Check at 509-456-2233
    • Report Illegal Camping:  Call 311
    • Report other concerns:  Call Riverside State Park during business hours at 509-465-5064